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Many of the clients of Hydraulic and Energy Projects do not stop asking us what is necessary to correctly manage their water reservoir. When it comes to irrigation, every millilitre counts, which is why we specialise in the organisation of irrigation and its correct development.

The agricultural sector is in a state of uncertainty, increased by climate change and droughts. It is therefore important to develop good irrigation and water storage management. Thus, in Hydraulic and Energy Projects we give you some keys to understand the importance of proper water management.

Meet the irrigation pond

For irrigation, there is nothing more important than maintaining an adequate water reserve for the relevant irrigation of crops. Therefore, it is important that you know what it is, how it works and what a raft is used for.

How are they built?

In most cases, a raft suitable for irrigators is an excavation and embankment of land that is intended to compensate their earth movement in the event that the land is suitable to avoid the loan or spillage of land. Once constructed, it is covered with a film of waterproofing sheet so that the water is not filtered and the necessary drains and inlet, intake and drainage pipes are built.

What are they for?

Essentially, a raft contains water and its purpose is to keep it there. However, its usefulness can be more varied and much more complex. On the one hand, it can be used for the use of this water in areas of low pressure and localised irrigation. It is also possible to manage the operation of the pumping to the hourly discrimination of the tariff increases.

Can I improve its use and maintenance?

Not that you can, but almost that you should. The implementation and improvement of a raft encourages and favours savings. As we explained in another post, efficiency is the future of the agricultural sector.

A very efficient measure to avoid the evaporation of water is the shading of the water. That is, the extension of a special canvas on top of the raft. In this way, a saving of up to 85% of the water lost through evaporation is achieved. It also eliminates the presence of algae in the pond, which reduces the costs of filtering systems.

On the other hand, it is always advisable to bet on new technologies. The so-called ICT – Information and Communication Technologies – greatly favour savings and efficiency. This is because a full knowledge of the situation of your raft, as well as your crop, gives you a clear and transparent analysis of what you should do.

The creation of a raft can also mean long-term savings, as it allows for better energy efficiency. The correct use of the same one can adapt the operation of irrigation to the hourly discrimination of the prices of the electricity. On the other hand, the management of its level is important, as it allows savings by regulating the geometric height of the impulsion.

Should I take safety measures?

Of course. The presence of a raft for irrigators can pose a danger. Not in vain is a space in unevenness with great quantity of water, whose escape is difficult. Thus, the main cause of death related to this water storage system is drowning. The construction of fences or the location of ropes, stairs, floats … make a big difference to survival.

On the other hand, from Hydraulic and Energy Projects we remind you that in Spain there is a safety regulation of rafts equivalent to that of dams, according to a Royal Decree of 2008. Thus, they are equal in obligations in all terms and are not adapted to the fundamental difference between the two.

In Hydraulic and Energy Projects we are experts in the construction of ponds and their adaptation. For that reason, many clients come to us looking for the newest implementations in the agricultural sector. A high percentage of irrigators have considered having our experienced team to improve the efficiency of their crop,whether companies or individuals. If you also have or need a raft for irrigation, please contact us.

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